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Muay Thai

Muay Thai (HISTORY Characteristcs of Muay Thai)

Muay Thai is a ccmbative sport which allows the use of atmost all bodily Organs, e.g., head, hand (fist) foot, knee, and ellbow, as weapons in combat. Furthermore is an art demonstrating ability in moving various parts of the body in combat and self-defense to the accompaniment of music. lt is a kind of sport that develops functional efficiency in the body systems, as well as mental development and self-confidence. If can very useful in daily life since Muay Thai requires prompt decision makig. Those who train consistently in Muay Thai will be enabled to make good swift decisions to solve their problems effectivcly Muay Thai is an individual uanrmed combat activity, therefore a high level of fitness both physical and mental must be reached through consistent traininhg. The combat may be fatal, particularly when the training is inadequate, and therefore the compctitors must strictly fllow the rules and regulations as well as having good manners and sportsmanship.

Value of Muay Thai

Training in Muay Thai promotes physical , ment , emotionat and social development as well as translkitting and preservimg Thai culture. lt is a fom of muartial art the can be used for self-dcrence endangered. In addition, good fighters can earn a 1ot of money many competitors receive hundreds thousand Baht for each fight.

Customs to be observed by Muay Thai Trainess

Manners to whicch the Trainees must strictly adhere are the demonstratiton of respect and gratitude to their teachers who have imparted the knowledge to them and performing a ritual of acceptance before beginning training. Furthermore, new-corners must pay respect to their seniors and not fight against others taught by the same teacher. The traincee swears to observe these things at the ritual of acceptance. In additton, the trainee must be very patient, attentive and obedient since accidents are otherwise likely to occur throughtout training.

History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art which allows the use of various bodily organs for fighting. It originated in Thailand 1ong ago and can be traced back to the Sukhothai period which is about 800 years ago. It is now practiced all round the world and sometimes referred to as Thai Boxing, But should not be called Kick Boxing.

Muay Thai has been part of military training. Since ancient times to supplement the use of sword and pike in war. It was also employed for recreation exercise apd self-defence. There are always Muay Thai contest at annual festivals particularly in those for charity .

Mauy Thai was one of the skills of kings in the old times, Pra Chao Sua, a king in the Ayudhya period, Oftene vtsited villages incognito to challenge 1ocal fighters in to find recruits. According to the Department of Fine Arts, Nai Khanon Thom, who was captured by the Burnlese during the fall of Ayudhya, defeated ten Burmese Fighters consecutively in a contest on March 17, 1770. The day is now commemorated as “Muay Thai Day”.

In 1927, the Ministry of the Interior legislated for the Regulation of conditions for Pemitting Betting in Boxing and Wrestling accordance with the Betting Act B.E. 2470 (1927). The rules ot compettion were established by the Department of PhysicaI Education and have been effective from April I, 1937.

Since 1936 the Department of Physical Education had set the curricula for physical education teacher training. The Third Class Certificate in Physical Education required the competition of seven subjects, namely Track and Field sports, Callisthenics, Teacher’s Ethics, Boy Scouts Health Educattion and First aid. The First class Certificate in Physical Education required 4 out of 6 additional subjects, i.e. Sword and Pike Fighting, Judo, Gymnastic, Fencing, Thai and Boxing.

Muay Thai become a professional sport since the promotion or contests at the suan Kularb Ring+ The audience, sat or stood around the ring which was on the ground and was 20 metres in size. The contestmts tied their hands with strips of cotton, wore “Mongkon” at the head and armbands on both ams. The first stadium for profession Muay Tahi, Rajadamnoen stadium, was opened on December 23, 1945. The Rules have been revised and some equipment for injury-prevention has been introduced

Muay Thai has been a sport for competitions since 1971. The first competition was held in Bangkok with competitors from five institutes: Srinakrin University: the colleges of Physical Education at chiang Mai, Maha Sarakham, Yala, And Chon Bun. Mr.Sawaeng Siriplai was one of the of amateur Muay Thai who intrroduced rules for international competitions which prescribed the adoption of some protection for trunk and head to prevent injury. First time that Muay Thai was one of the competitive sports in the Thai national Games was in 1993 at Khon Khaen. The First Internation Muay Thai championship was organized by the newly established lntemational Amateur Muay Thai Fedcration (I.A.M.T.F.) in Bangkok in 1995.

Today Muay Thai forms part of the competition for secondary school students organized annually by the Department of physical Education. lt is also taught in secondary schools and universities particularly in all colleges of PhysicaI Education.