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Dear Muay Thai teachers,

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IMTF lawyers and IMTF UK representative Nick Brent have consulted with the organizers of Magic of THAILAND, which will be held in July in Manchester  where youth boxing was to be held. The local council has warned about the stringent measures that have to be in place at this event during the Covid period re new strain of Indian variant  are extensive and until the announcement by the government on 21st June we still cannot confirm it will allowed to go ahead until after this date along with this the timescale will be very tight and not enough time to establish all the Rules and procedures to be done in time. So we have decided to postpone the boxing but may have an alternative as follows: 

Only in Manchester this July, there will be no competition. but there will be time for demonstrations for those wishing to participate and promote their club and the sport. Available slots One session on  24th July and 2 sessions on 25th July each 30 minutes It will show the Thai boxing culture and explain to the visitors of the event in English. If any Master of Muay Thai is interested in showing and advertising your school You can inform us via IMTF Messenger .IMTF will come to help all clubs/schools/  boxing camp to ensure all are at international standard. Muay Thai is part of Thai culture and everyone who promotes and owns clubs as a Muay Thai Teacher/Master has a duty/responsibility to do their best for their students and have their safety and welfare as a  priority as well as teaching the art correctly. All  Muay Thai teachers. must come together to work without divisions, love each other, respect each other accordingly and abide by the laws of the U.K. and then will succeed.